is teaming up with 500 Startups and RapidAPI

Open to all developers, designers, and enthusiasts. Design and hack together applications that utilize's FR technology as well as 700+ APIs avaliable on RapidAPI.

*** Snacks and Beer Provided



You can participate from anywhere in the world but we prefer you be at the building during.



Team forming and registration - People will meet, form teams, and register - 11:30 AM PST

Small Introduction - 12:00 PM PST

Hacking Starts 12:15 PM PST August 19th

Submissions Due: 5 PM PST - August 20th

Winner Announced: 10 PM PST August 20th


Submissions or through   Dev Post

Submissions are due an hour before the Close time on Sunday, August 20th. You don’t have to be present to submit or participate.


Prize awarded for 1st place winner + website feature.

2nd + 3rd place will be featured on our website.


Judging Criteria

Completeness & Ability to demo 30%

Originality 30%

Use of Trueface technology 40%


If you need help




3 members per team maximum 

You’re free to use any tools you want


Winner Announcement

Winner Announced 10 PM PST August 20th. The best ideas will be featured on our medium blog.


Suggested Ideas

An extension to lock a website to anyone but the owner.

Chrome extension to replace images of Donald Trump with images of cats

Silicon Valley facial recognition app from the last episode of season 1

An app to take attendance with facial recognition

Detect faces and put Trumps hair on people

Game of Thrones character recognition

Teach a neural network to learn ethnicity from facial landmarks

--- Drunk levels - measured on a score



All are welcome :)


A video demo and simple paragraph of what they did using TrueFace's Facial Recognition API

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Feature on medium Blog (3)

Prize awarded for 1st place winner + website feature.
2nd + 3rd place will be featured on our website.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Alex Walling

Alex Walling
Rapid API

Nezare Chafni

Nezare Chafni

Shaun Moore

Shaun Moore
CEO of

Judging Criteria

  • Completeness & Ability to demo 30%
    Completeness & Ability to demo 30%
  • Originality 30%
  • Use of Trueface technology 40%

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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